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The ACPA is an academic organization in philosophy and the humanities. The general purpose of this organization is to promote philosophical activities of the Chinese philosophers in America. To achieve this general goal, the organization will serve as a means for members to keep in touch with one another; to share experiences, common concerns, and information; to exchange professional achievements; to represent members' common interests and cooperate on collective professional projects; to promote philosophical exchange between China and North America and other countries.

Messages from the new board (2014-16)


President: Huaiyu Wang, Georgia College & State University

With my service for the community of Chinese philosophers by organizing APA panels and maintaining the good development of the organization, I will continue my work to promote the communication among scholars and students working in the field of Chinese philosophy and the status of Chinese philosophy in contemporary philosophical research. In addition, as ACPA reaches its 20th anniversary in 2015, I hope to work with friends and members of the organization to have a conference and celebration in 2015 so as to honor the great achievements of the organization in the past twenty years.

Vice President: Steven Geisz, University of Tampa

I work in Chinese philosophy, philosophy of mind, and political philosophy, and my current research focuses on philosophical psychology and conceptions of embodiment in early Confucianism and various stages of Daoism.

Secretary/Treasurer: Bongrae Seok, Alvernia University

I have interdisciplinary and comparative research interest in moral psychology, neuroscience and Chinese (Confucian) philosophy. I have been presenting and publishing my papers and books on philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and Confucian philosophy for many years. I hope to bring more ideas and energy to ACPA and work cooperatively with other officers to serve ACPA for its continuing effort to bring Chinese philosophy, not just as a cultural and social tradition but also as a rigorous intellectual tradition to academia and the general public.


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