These associations that fight for peace

Image These associations that fight for peace

In the world, there are several associations that work every day for peace. If you are looking for one of such associations to make a donation or volunteer, we will tell you more about the most famous ones in the article.

Here are the associations that fight for peace

The International Peace Bureau or IPB

The IPB is an international organization for conflict prevention, conflict resolution and international cooperation. The main goal of this association is to relieve the world of its wars by defending sustainable disarmament for sustainable development. With 300 member organizations in 70 countries, the IPB is engaged in many campaigns to reduce military spending budgets and channel these funds into development efforts.

This organization connects experts and activists working on similar issues to create strong movements within civil societies. The association is particularly active in the countries most inclined to a civil war or a war of territory. IPB advocates negotiations for conflict resolutions.

The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres or IAPTC

The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) is an association that works for peace research, education and training. It acts mainly in the background with the centers, institutions, agencies and programs of the defense of the peace. Its main objective is to make any peace operation on the ground more effective and efficient.

For this, it works to foster a better global understanding of peace, to facilitate communication for peace around the world, to exchange and discuss best practices in any peace operation. All this through education, training and education for all: national and international leaders for peace, associations and NGOs working for peace, state officials, and, of course, every individual.

To achieve this goal, this association has several sub-objectives such as

  • Identify training needs 
  • Create appropriate training for each company and field of action 
  • Work with the maximum of civil societies, associations, states around the world 
  • Facilitate the establishment of training courses in regions at risk for peace


Created by the famous nobel peace prize Prem Rawat, TPRF is an association that works for peace in the world, but also for access to the fundamental rights of all, including water and food in particular. The association has been present in the fight for peace for several years.

In 2006, for example, it is the initiator of the Food for People program for the poorest people. While promoting peace, the foundation distributes food in India, Nepal or Ghana. In each of its operation regions, Prem Rawat also taught principles of peace to the people and leaders. The association is today at the base of economic progress, education and especially peace in its regions.

Acting throughout the world, the association works today with several NGOs and global or regional groups for peace. The leader of the association, Prem Rawat, has already spoken to the UN about peace. He is also a trainer on this point for government officials, industrialists, educators, army officials and detainees.

Finally, the association finances several humanitarian projects for peace in the war zones, for emergency relief in case of natural disaster, for drinking water supply projects in the most remote regions of the world, for the building of schools in rural areas and, of course, for the promotion of peace.